We knew Kindle Fire name known for almost a year… kind of ;)

Amazon naming their color eReader tablet, Kindle Fire didn’t come as a big surprise for us here. In fact this name was mentioned on our blog as far back as December 25th, 2010… Back then we had a Kindle Color name guessing contest and back then, subscriber with nickname “shyam”, submitted Kindle Fire as his guess and was right. Back then I promised a grand prize of Kindle Color reader to whoever would correctly guess the name first. After making this post I’ll be contacting Shyam via email so that he can claim his prize.

Congratulations, Shyam!

If you are would like to win free Kindle Fire or free Kindle Touch for yourself, there is a chance for you to do as well. Just use the button below to tweet about our Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch coverage and follow @blogkindle (so that I can contact you in case you win). One day before Kindle Fire starts shipping (on November 14th, 2011) I’ll randomly select a winner and ship the prize overnight.

3 thoughts on “We knew Kindle Fire name known for almost a year… kind of ;)”

  1. Now that we know more about the Kindle Fire, I’m dying to compare its back-lit screen’s readability compared to Kindle’s traditional e-ink. Will there be much of a tradeoff in reading comfort in order to have a color screen?

  2. @robert,
    This is just a fairly standard LCD. some people don’t mind reading on LCD screens, some people find reading on a non-backlit screen _much_ better.

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