Windows 8 runs Kindle

In case you were wondering where I was off to last week… I was on the BUILD conference watching Microsoft unveil Windows 8 developer preview.

Amazon Kindle App on Windows 8
Amazon Kindle App on Windows 8

One of the first things I did is install Kindle App and I’m happy to report that it runs nicely on Windows 8. Microsoft did a great job ensuring backward compatibility.

The screenshot was taken with the app I’ve just finished hacking together. So if you are into installing Window 8 to see what all of this is about, you can use this Window 8 Screenshot Share app to easily take screenshots and share them online with a few clicks (or taps of you finger if you have touch).

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  1. my daughter got a cheap laptop for Xmas with the Kindle app already installed (windows 8) but when we open the app it opens but it is a black screen, any idea how to fix this?

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