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Amazon.com Books For Kindle Count

Today I decided to take a break from Kindle 3 Reviews and do something I didn’t do for a long time – crunch some dry Amazon Kindle Store numbers. I’ve been tracking number of amazon.com books and blogs for Kindle since March 2009. Previously I published these numbers on a monthly basis. With Kindle 3 […]

October 2009 Summary

If you recall, there was a massive drop in book numbers in the last day of September. Well during the first week of October these books came back. So if we disregard this anomaly and consider 357,724 to be the final count for September, then with the final count for October being 368,373 we get […]

September 2009 Summary

There were some oddities with Kindle content count in the month of September. Just look at these graphs below… Kindle book count was steadily increasing at 280 books per day for the entire month and Kindle store was about to post a gain of 8K+ books for the month when on the last day there […]

August 2009 Summary

It’s time to publish previous month stats and summaries again. Kindle book count had several ups and downs during the month of August, finally settling at 349,610 (just 390 books shy of 350K) for an overall increase of 13,713 that translates to 442 books per day on average. This is 3 times lower than previous […]

July 2009 Summary

It took me a bit longer than usual to come up with the summary but here goes… Kindle book count increased 41,016 (13.8%) in the month of July with final count being 335,897. Notice odd fluctuations between the 9th and 14th. Perhaps some publisher couldn’t make up their mind… Besides that book growth was linear […]

June 2009 Summary

There were 294,881 books at the end of May 2009 and 312,591 books at the end of June 2009. So 17,710 books were added to Kindle Book Store during June. This is slightly more than 6%. On average 590 books were added per day. This is less than average of 641 books per day during […]

May 2009 Summary

During May 19,885 new books were added to the Kindle Store with 294,881 books at the end of the month. This corresponds to 7.23% growth. Here is break down by categories: Category Apr-09 May-09 Change Advice & How-to 19,393 20,939 1,546 Arts & Entertainment 8,749 9,505 756 Biographies & Memoirs 9,833 11,210 1,377 Business & […]