We knew Kindle Fire name known for almost a year… kind of ;)

Amazon naming their color eReader tablet, Kindle Fire didn’t come as a big surprise for us here. In fact this name was mentioned on our blog as far back as December 25th, 2010… Back then we had a Kindle Color name guessing contest and back then, subscriber with nickname “shyam”, submitted Kindle Fire as his guess and was right. Back then I promised a grand prize of Kindle Color reader to whoever would correctly guess the name first. After making this post I’ll be contacting Shyam via email so that he can claim his prize.

Congratulations, Shyam!

If you are would like to win free Kindle Fire or free Kindle Touch for yourself, there is a chance for you to do as well. Just use the button below to tweet about our Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch coverage and follow @blogkindle (so that I can contact you in case you win). One day before Kindle Fire starts shipping (on November 14th, 2011) I’ll randomly select a winner and ship the prize overnight.

Color Kindle Contest Winner

A while ago I ran a contest for guessing a name of Color Kindle device when it comes out.

And the prize goes to… Taylor Harris who lives in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, and has been a Kindle owner since March of 2009. He’s a fan of Willa Cather, reads Robert D. Kaplan, and can’t get enough of Louis Meyer’s Jacky Faber series.

His guess was Kindle Hue.

There’s still a chance for everyone who participated to win the grand prize – the Color Kindle itself once it comes out. Stay tuned.

Kindle DX Release Date Contest Results

And the winner is Jay from Florida. He correctly guessed the Kindle DX release date. Here’s what he has to say about himself:

I work in education and I am looking forward to using a DX for reading academic documents in PDF form and pushing the limits of the Kindle DX browser. My estimate of the release date was influenced by the belief Amazon would not want to wait too long after the beginning of Apple WWDC (assuming some announcements there) and perhaps in the middle of the week to pull some attention.

This time I received only 29 valid responses because Amazon announced the release date soon after the contest got started. Only 2 people guessed the correct date. Results were more or less evenly distributed. Here’s detailed breakdown:

Kindle DX Release Date Contest Results

Kindle DX Release Date Contest Results

Date Vote Count
5/27/2009 1
6/4/2009 1
6/8/2009 1
6/10/2009 2
6/15/2009 1
6/17/2009 1
6/21/2009 1
6/23/2009 1
6/24/2009 1
6/28/2009 3
6/29/2009 1
7/1/2009 3
7/5/2009 1
7/6/2009 2
7/7/2009 2
7/15/2009 1
7/16/2009 1
7/20/2009 1
7/26/2009 1
8/5/2009 1
8/13/2009 1
10/7/2009 1

The prize (Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover) is pre-ordered and will ship on the same day as Amazon releases Kindle DX. Congratulations, Jay!

There will be more contests in the future so subscribe to this blog or follow it on twitter if you are interested.

Kindle DX Release Date Is Set

Amazon Kindle DX

Amazon Kindle DX

According to Amazon website Kindle DX will ship on the the 10th of June 10th, 2009. There were some speculations earlier about release date being 6th of July or 24th or June. However as it turns out we can start enjoying large screen reading much sooner.

I hope that my order it high enough in line to ship on first day Kindle DX is available so you can see a comprehensive hands-on review from me as soon as it arrives.

As for the Kindle DX Release Date contest, I realize that one week before official announcement rule would bar all entries but I wouldn’t feel right about it. Therefore I’ll choose a winner from people who submitted entries on or before 31st of April. I’ll post results once I’ve contacted the winner. I don’t think anyone would object to this last minute change in the rules.

There are more contests coming up and best way to stay on top of them is to subscribe to this blog.

Kindle DX Release Date Contest


Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover

Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover

I’ve decided to have another date guessing contest here on BlogKindle.com. This time it’s about guessing the release date of Amazon Kindle DX.

The rules are quite simple: pick a date and send an email to [email protected] with the date in the subject line in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY. So 4th of July 2009 would correspond to 07/04/2009. Please be careful about the date format as I use automated means for selecting winners. This means that if you get the date right but write it wrong you can not win.

I’ll randomly choose a winner from all the people who correctly guess Kindle DX release date or among those who guess the closest.

Rather than setting a specific deadline for submissions I’ll set the following rule: winners will only be chosen from entries submitted at least 7 days before the date is officially announced. When is it going to happen? I don’t know :) But I believe it’s more fun this way. So technically it’s possible that the date would be announced 5 minutes after this post gets published and no entries would be eligible. Oh, well…

The prize would be Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover that would go nicely with your Amazon Kindle DX once it’s released.

I’ll never use your email addresses for any other purpose than contacting the winner. People who participated in the previous contest can testify to that being true – except for the lucky winner, none ever heard from me.

If you like the idea of this contest you can help by letting other people know about it and this blog.

Free Kindle 2 Contest Summary

Several folks have asked me what happened to the Free Kindle 2 Contest. I have little excuse other than being lazy but here it goes now:

  • Kindle 2 went to Jeff from USA (this is as much information as I can share). According to the UPS tracking it was delivered. I hope that Jeff is enjoying it and putting it to good use.
  • I received total 279 entries of which 240 were valid. Remaining 14% didn’t have the date in proper format in the subject field.
  • Of those those 240 10 (4.2%) have guessed correctly so I had to flip my favorite 10 sided coin to decide who wins.
  • Dates ranged from 3/20/2008 to 10/9/2009… Since first one is most likely a typo along with some other dates before the contest start, earliest really valid date was 3/14/2009 – the next day after the rules were published.
  • Most people (17) guessed 4/1/2009 and were off by 1 day.
  • Here is a full distribution graph for entries ranging from 3/14/2009 to 4/28/2009. There were several for much later dates that I omitted from the graph.


Thank to everyone for participating and spreading the word and good luck next time! :)

Kindle 2 Contest winning date is set

I just performed my everyday 0:01am check and I see 256,806 books available in the Amazon Kindle store.


It means that the winning date is March 31st, 2009 (03/31/2009)!

Now I’ll go and scan all e-mails I received for the competition to find a winner. It may take me some time but I expect to notify Kindle 2 winner within next 2-3 days.

Thanks everyone for participation and I’ll keep you posted!

Amazon Kindle Store Breaks 250,000 Book Count

As I look at it right now, there are 251,651 books availabale for purchase. Way to go Amazon!

This also means that unless some books are pulled back (which did happen several times before), today would be your last day for submitting entries to win a free Kindle 2 contest. So hurry up. You have until 11:59PM PST 3/19/2009 to submit your entries. 235 entries has been submitted so far. Good luck!